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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re so happy you want to learn more about Little West cold pressed juice! If you need assistance with your order or have a question you don’t see answered here, please contact us.


How long does Little West juice last? How quickly do I need to drink it after opening?

When properly refrigerated, our juices remain fresh, nutritious, and delicious until the “Enjoy By” date indicated on the bottle. This “Enjoy By” date is usually several weeks after your initial purchase. Once open, we recommend consuming your juice within 3 days.


Where do you ship? Can I order your juices internationally?

We can ship online orders of Little West to any location in the United States. Unfortunately, we can only deliver to the United States at this time.


How long does shipping take?

Please allow 24-48 business hours for your order to be processed before it is fulfilled. Once your order is dropped off for shipment, you will receive a notification with a tracking number. Your juices should arrive within 1-2 days from ship date.
Please note: Orders are shipped Monday-Thursday. Orders placed after Thursday will be processed within 24-48 business hours and shipped out the following week. Our warehouse is closed on weekends.
For any questions or issues with your order, please contact us.


How do the juices stay cold during shipping?

Little West juices are carefully packaged with an airtight, insulated liner and 2-3 cold packs. This keeps your order fresh during transit. 


If I’m not home when my order arrives, how long will the juices stay cold? What if the ice packs have melted?

This depends on the location where FedEx leaves your order, as a box left in the hot sun won’t stay cool as long as one that’s dropped off in a cooler spot. Please do not be concerned if the ice packs have melted.

If you won’t be home, we recommend asking another household member or a neighbor to receive your juices for you and refrigerate them as soon as possible. Please use your FedEx tracking number to plan accordingly. 

Little West cannot offer refunds for juices that arrived but were not picked up and refrigerated upon arrival. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us

If I'm doing the Classic Cleanse, what order do I drink my juices in?

We recommend drinking the juices in our Classic Cleanse Kit in the following order, starting with Celery Juice in the morning and ending with Detox Greens:

  • Day One: Celery Juice, The Clover, Sunrise, Go Big, Gingersnap, The Quench, Detox Greens
  • Day Two: Celery Juice, The Clover, Sunrise, Go Big, Gingersnap, The Quench, Detox Greens
  • Day Three (optional): Celery Juice, The Clover, Sunrise, Go Big, Gingersnap, The Quench, Detox Greens


If I'm doing the Deep Detox Cleanse, what order do I drink my juices in?

  • Day One: Celery Juice, The Clover, Gold'n Greens, Go Big, The Clover, Celery Juice, Detox Greens
  • Day Two: Celery Juice, The Clover, Gold'n Greens, Go Big, The Clover, Celery Juice, Detox Greens
  • Day Three (optional): Celery Juice, The Clover, Gold'n Greens, Go Big, The Clover, Celery Juice, Detox Greens


What's the difference between the Deep Detox Cleanse and the Classic Cleanse?

Little West's Deep Detox Cleanse kit has more dark leafy greens than our traditional Classic Cleanse. Deep Detox is designed for anyone looking to take their detoxing and nutrition to a deeper level. The cold pressed juices in this cleanse also have less natural sugar, with more “vegetable forward” flavors and less fruit. Learn more.


Should I cleanse/detox for 2 days or 3 days?

 Choosing between a 2 day cleanse or a 3 day cleanse depends on your lifestyle, schedule, and preferences. A 2 day cleanse is a convenient option for weekends and a great way to “flush” your digestive system with nutritious, hydrating juices. Adding a third day to your cleanse helps you experience these same benefits more deeply. By day 3, most people find that their bodies have adjusted to juice fasting, they no longer feel brain fog or caffeine withdrawal, and they have heightened energy and mental clarity. You may feel lighter and more refreshed after 3 days compared to a 2 day cleanse.


Is Little West certified organic?

Although Little West is not certified organic, we consider ourselves “better than organic” because we’re dedicated to using local West Coast fruits and vegetables.

The produce that goes into our juice is sourced from local family farms, including many of the same vendors at our neighborhood Farmers Market. We can personally see where (and how) everything is grown, inspect each ingredient by hand, and guarantee the highest quality. 

Many brands that are certified organic use old produce that's been shipped from industrial farms in other states or even overseas. These ingredients often sit in crates for days or weeks during transit, losing vital nutrients and flavor. 

By buying local, we receive our ingredients as soon as they leave the farm. We cold press and bottle our juice within 48 hours of harvest. This makes Little West healthier, fresher, and better tasting. 


What’s the difference between cold pressed juice and regular juice?

Cold pressing is a method that extracts juice from fruits and vegetables using a hydraulic press. As the name implies, there’s no heat involved at any point during the juicing process. Cold pressed juices are also unpasteurized (Little West uses High Pressure Processing instead).

Regular juicing usually involves a centrifugal juicer or other processes that generate heat. These juices are then pasteurized, which heats the juice to around 85 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. 

Heat dramatically lowers the overall quality of juices. It destroys the fresh, vibrant flavor of the ingredients and degrades the nutritional value. Many regular juices are then pumped full of added sugars or sweeteners, artificial flavors, or other chemicals to compensate. Some regular juices are just as unhealthy as soda.

Cold pressed juices have significantly more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients compared to juices made using heat. In fact, cold pressed juices offer many of the same health benefits as eating raw fruits and vegetables. They also taste better! 


Is Little West juice sold in any local stores? Where else can I buy it?

Yes! We are currently sold in Whole Foods in southern California, Nevada, and Arizona as well as many local grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. To find Little West in a store near you, please drop us a line

You can also buy Little West on the PlantX Marketplace, or order our juices as part of the XFood Meals delivery program by PlantX and celebrity chef Matthew Kenney. 


Is Little West safe for people with compromised immune systems and pregnant women?

Yes! We use a method called High Pressure Processing (HPP), which uses pressure to destroy any harmful bacteria or food-borne pathogens that may be present. HPP makes our juices safe for everyone, including people with compromised immune systems and pregnant women. It also prolongs the lifespan of our juices so they stay fresh for longer.


Should I drink cold pressed juice as a meal replacement?

Little West juices are not meal replacements. We recommend drinking our juice as part of a healthy diet that’s high in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean protein. However, many people enjoy doing short juice cleanses every now and then to “reset” their body. Try our Two Day Juice Cleanse Kit!


Do I need to refrigerate Little West?

Yes. Our cold pressed juice does not contain any chemical preservatives, so you need to keep it in your refrigerator. When ordering juices online, please refrigerate them as soon as possible after your order arrives.


Can I recycle Little West bottles?

Yes! Our bottles are 100% RPET plastic, which means they’re made from 100% recycled plastic and are also fully recyclable.


How do I dispose of the box and other shipping materials?

Our shipping box and insulated liner are 100% recyclable.

To dispose of cold packs, first let them defrost completely. Next, cut one corner and pour the liquid gel into the trash can (not your sink or toilet, as liquid gel may clog drains). Then discard the empty pack.

Please keep in mind that cold packs can be reused multiple times. Simply refreeze and use them in your own coolers or insulated grocery bags! Many homeless shelters, community outreach centers, and food banks also accept donations of cold packs.


I need help with my order / my discount code isn’t working / something else.

We’re here to help! Please use our contact form or email


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