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Juicing For Energy - 7 Best Juices To Boost Your Energy

 Best Juices To Boost Your Energy

Whether you want to get an energy boost or a mood boost, there’s a natural way to do that. While energy drinks are a popular choice, they’re usually full of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Coffee is a delicious option for energy but can give you a caffeine crash. That’s why we recommend fresh cold pressed juices for boosting your overall energy levels, naturally, without artificial ingredients or caffeine. 

A lot of energy drinks that you see in the supermarket also contain additional sweeteners, like sugars and artificial syrups. To make them last a long time on the shelves and so that they can be displayed for longer, some products may also contain preservatives. Over time, consuming beverages with these artificial ingredients may have a negative impact on your health.

Without further ado, let’s talk about how drinking juice can give you more natural energy.

Orange Juice

orange juice

Great in the morning and one of the best juices that give you energy? Look no further than the ol’ reliable, orange juice. Rich in folates, potassium, and (of course) vitamin C, orange juice is a nutritious and fantastic energy source. Vitamin C is the key here. It’s one of the nutrients that give you energy.

What’s great about this particular juice that gives you energy is that it’s more sustained. Oranges themselves are said to give you enough energy that will last all day, unlike those quick-jolt energy drinks or caffeine shots. And don’t forget, orange juice actually tastes great as it is! No sweeteners, flavorings, and other nonsense. 

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Green Juice

green juice

Another morning drink powering thousands all over the world is green juice. Most adults don’t get enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. A lot of them are aware of that fact, so they go grab the ever-so-convenient green juice! It’s even filled with energy-boosting vitamin C thanks to usual ingredients like kale.

Sure, not a lot of folks appreciate the taste of green juice, but that’s not the reason why they drink it! People know that green juice is packed with nutrients AND that it acts like a juice energy drink. Similar to OJ, green juice delivers a more sustained boost. Drinking it in the morning won’t inevitably lead to that dreaded crash.

Apple Juice

Apple juice


You may have heard at some point or another that apples have more caffeine than a regular cup of coffee. We like debunking that myth because, no, an apple doesn’t have more or equal amounts of caffeine as a cup o’ joe. In fact, apples have ZERO caffeine.

Let’s dial in on that myth though. Natural sugars are what actually contribute to apples’ ability to give you energy. If you’re juicing for energy later on in the day, why not go for apple juice instead of that brew? We think it’s a better source overall (plus, no caffeine jitters).

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Grapefruit Juice

It’s no surprise that vitamin C-rich juices make the bulk of our list. So, yes, grapefruit juices give you energy! Now, you might be wondering… why grapefruit? Couldn’t we have recommended a lemon shot or kiwi-infused drink (fun fact kiwis are rich in vitamin C)? Well, yeah, but grapefruits are often overlooked in the citrus category! Let’s give them a chance to shine.

So, this part is really straightforward. Grapefruits are great juice energy drinks. It could even be potentially helpful at night since it’s said to improve your sleep. Also, if you’re juicing fruit for energy, add a little splash of grapefruit to get a little zing and flavor!

Kale Juice

kale juice

We’ve already given it a little nod in our green juice section, but kale juice deserves a little extra love because kale is a superfood. With just 20 calories per 1 cup serving, kale contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, fiber, carotenoids, and manganese. It gives so much!

Kale can be juiced by itself if you’d like. If you want to mix it with other fruits and veggies to make it taste better, that’s your call. All we can say is that it’s definitely an energy-boosting juice worth its weight in gold.

Beet Juice

beet juice

Is beet juice good for energy? It wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn't! Beet juice is said to improve blood flow, helping your body stay in optimal health. It may even give a little stamina boost, helpful for those workouts. 

Beet juice in the morning is great. Supplement your already healthy breakfast with it and get that all-natural energy helping you along as you go through your day.

Carrot Juice

carrot juice

If you think juicing for an energy boost is hard because ingredients are always seasonal, think again! Carrots are almost always available throughout the year. They do have an optimal season, but you can easily find some in your local markets – and at an affordable price, too!

Carrot juice is potentially an energy-giving and metabolism-enhancing juice that’s so easy to make. We also love the fact that it’s another vegetable juice that give you energy. 

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice

Last but not least is cucumber juice! Drinking cucumber juice can help fight the feeling of fatigue. How so? You get vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 from just one cucumber. These B vitamins help keep your mind sharp and give you a boost of energy.

Get loads of cucumbers to have them ready when you want juice for energy. They taste fantastic with a little addition of citrus. (And if you’re unable to use all of the cucumbers you bought, why not make a batch of pickles?)

Go Get Some of The Best Juices For Energy…

… Here at Little West! Juicing at home is all well and good. But if you want to make your life a little easier, we can make everything for you. We’re here for your convenience! 

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