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5 Immune Booster Juices For A Healthy Body

5 Immune Booster Juices For A Healthy Body

Does that sniffly cold just keep coming back? Have you got that feeling of fatigue you just can’t shake? Is your digestive system not what it used to be? Immunity juice to the rescue! 

Persistent infections, digestive problems, and fatigue are all signs of a weak immune system that may need a boost. One way of providing that boost? Immune booster juice! 

Yes, that’s right. If you thought helping keep your body healthy couldn’t be delicious, think again. Move over stomach-churning medicines - with the right ingredients, fresh fruit or vegetable juice can be the ultimate hit of immunity goodness. 

Which juices are immune booster juices? Read on to discover some of the top 5 juices that boost the immune system and everything you need to know about trying immunity juice! 

What are immune booster juices? 

What are immune booster juices? Exactly what they say on the tin… juices that help to boost your immune system. Most juices that we drink are good for us, but depending on the ingredients, they are good for us in different ways. Immunity juices contain key ingredients which have been researched for their ability to directly target and support the immune system. 

For example, they may be juices made up of ingredients that contain high levels of vitamin C, a vitamin that has been well researched for its ability to aid our human immune defences. Alternatively, they may be packed with any one of the many other vitamins and minerals that help support our immune systems! 

Top 5 juices that will boost your immune system: 

In the world of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, most of the juices out there are likely to help your immune system in some shape or form. But some specific types of juice are designed to give your immune system a hardcore boost. Here are 5 stellar examples…

1. Pure Orange Juice

When we say ‘immune booster juice’, the first thing you may think of is orange juice. World-renowned for packing the heftiest punch of vitamin C, your average glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contains above and beyond your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, a nutrient proven to protect and promote the function of immune cells

2. Carrot Juice 

Carrot Orange Ginger Turmeric Juice

Juices that contain carrots, like the Little West Sunrise Juice, for example, are immunity juice goldmines. Why? Because they are packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, and vitamin E - all vitamins that help reduce the risk of infections and boost the immune system. 

3. Ginger and Apple Juice

 Ginger Apple Lemon Juice

Another great immunity juice that packs a nutrient punch? Any juice with a hefty dose of ginger and apple, including Little West’s Gingersnap! Both ginger and apples contain high levels of antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory effects. This means that they both make great ingredients in immunity juices, designed to help your body fight bacteria and infection!

4. Spicy Juice

Spices in general are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties making them perfect for an immunity juice. In particular, some spices contain specific nutrients which set them apart.

On top of the benefits of ginger, turmeric is packed with curcumin to help improve natural immunity and spicy additions like cayenne help boost the good bacteria in your gut! Now that’s what we call immunity juice!

5. Kale Juice

The Clover | Kale Cucumber Celery Pear Green Juice $8.50 Per Bottle

Remember the vitamin C we were talking about earlier? Well, it turns out you can get a good dose of it from vegetables too! In fact, kale is one of the most potent sources of vitamin C in the vegetable world! This means that kale juices (like Little West’s The Clover) are great immunity juices too!

Which immunity juice should I go for? 

All of the immunity juices we have covered hit the right spot and they are all designed to help maintain healthy bodies. So, when it comes to picking immunity juices, there are no bad choices. 

However, if you want to get specific, we recommend tailoring the nutrients to meet your needs. For example, if you are using the immune-boosting juice to fight an infection, opt for a vitamin C-heavy number. Alternatively, if you are looking for a natural anti-inflammatory, a spice-packed ginger or turmeric juice may be for you! 

Finally, a juice isn’t worth drinking unless you love it - so when you are picking your immune booster juice, go for flavours that you know and love, so you know you will love drinking it! 

When should I drink immune booster juice? 

When should you drink immune booster juice? When shouldn’t you drink immune booster juice?! Whether you are feeling run down and need a pick me up, or you're feeling completely healthy and want to keep it up, an immune booster juice is always a good idea. This is because giving our bodies the right nutrients is always the key to keeping ourselves healthy, and immunity juices are a great way to do this!

Is it better to buy immunity juice or make it at home? 

Is it better to buy immunity juice or make it at home?

Some shop-bought juices are highly processed and pasteurized. This means that even if they started with lots of healthy fruit and veg, a lot of the nutrients may be lost by the time you drink them. In these cases, nutrient-wise, it can be best to make your immunity juices at home with your own fresh fruit and vegetables. However, this requires a lot of time, effort, and equipment… 

Little West to the rescue! 

Made with nutrients in mind, Little West’s 100% cold pressed juice is never watered down and contains 2-4 pounds worth of fresh fruits and vegetables in every bottle. And these fruits and vegetables travel from farm to bottle in just 48 hours! This means that if you are looking for an immunity juice that’s ready to drink, Little West is a great place to start! 

At the end of the day…

Drinking immune booster juices is the epitome of hitting two birds with one stone. Getting to enjoy a flavour-packed tasty drink? Tick. Getting a hardcore hit of healthy nutrients targeted at keeping your body healthy? Tick. It’s a win-win.

So whether you are looking for something to help you recover from a nasty cold, or stop you from getting the next one, an immunity juice may be the best thing for you! Try any one of these 5 great immunity juices and enjoy the amazing flavour and nutrients these fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices have to offer. The hardest part? Choosing which juice to enjoy first!

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