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7 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Turmeric Shots

benefits of drinking ginger turmeric shots

There is something so wonderfully unique about the flavour of ginger that makes it so exciting to consume. Turmeric, also part of the ginger family, provides a heavenly earthiness that isn’t easily found in other spices. Both ingredients have been used in all sorts of dishes, both sweet and savoury, over the years.

We’ve heard a lot about how nutritious these two spices were, which has quite naturally led to the creation of the ginger turmeric shot, as well as some creative variants, such as the ginger cayenne turmeric shot or even the ginger beet turmeric shot. 

Health nuts everywhere rave about the benefits of ginger turmeric shots. But what exactly makes them so good for you? What are their nutritional properties? When is the best time to take them? All of these questions and more will be answered below.

Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Turmeric Shots

Health Benefits of Drinking Ginger Turmeric Shots

They could reduce inflammation

Both ginger and turmeric boast anti-inflammatory properties; ginger essentially hinders the production of inflammatory substances in the body and turmeric lowers the levels of two enzymes in the body that cause inflammation. Keeping inflammation at bay could mean avoiding conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. By incorporating a ginger turmeric shot into your diet, you may well be getting double the anti-inflammatory properties. 

Both ginger and turmeric are powerful antioxidants

Keeping free radicals and antioxidants in balance is vitally important; an abundance of free radicals may prevent your body from working properly and could even pave the way to conditions like arthritis and heart disease. This is why making sure that you are on top of your antioxidant intake is absolutely imperative, and ginger turmeric shots are a fantastic way to get a major antioxidant boost.

They could support your immune function

Though more research is needed to fully ascertain this, both ginger and turmeric are believed to have properties that boost your immune function. Ginger’s high concentration of gingerol may be helpful in preventing the growth of bacteria, whilst turmeric has the potential to improve the way your antibodies respond

They may help reduce nausea

Evidence suggests that consuming ginger is a fantastic way to ease an upset stomach, as its anti-inflammatory properties help release hormones that calm the body. It also contains compounds that are believed to escalate digestive responsiveness, which could also play a role in reducing nausea.

Though more research needs to be done with regard to turmeric, studies propose that it may help against digestive issues caused by chemotherapy, which in turn could suggest that turmeric has some nausea-reducing properties. 

They could help protect against cancers

According to studies, ginger and its compounds have been quite effective against certain types of gastrointestinal cancers. This is very promising, though more research needs to be done. As for turmeric, it is believed that the yellow pigment found in it, curcumin, may also have properties that could modulate cancer development. 

They could help lower risks for cardiac diseases

Looking after your heart is absolutely imperative, which is why we have to be careful of what foods we put in our bodies. Curcumin, found in turmeric, is said to potentially stop the progression of heart disease. And when it comes to ginger, studies indicate that it could reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol and as a result, lower the risk of heart disease.

They could provide chronic pain relief

Studies have been conducted testing both spices’ ability to relieve chronic pain and they have been extremely encouraging. Evidence suggests that turmeric may be very effective in managing pain, arthritic pain particularly, due to curcumin, its active ingredient. It has also been shown that ginger can be extremely helpful in reducing chronic pain brought about by various conditions, including arthritis.

When is the best time to have my ginger turmeric shot?

best time to drink ginger turmeric shots

The truth is that cold-pressed juices, like Little West’s, are going to be good for you whatever time of day you decide to drink them. However, if you have them first thing in the morning and on an empty stomach, you can enjoy their full benefits. 

While we are sleeping, we tend to build up acid in our stomachs and esophagi; having a tasty ginger turmeric shot on an empty stomach could help the digestive system rebalance, getting rid of all that acidity. 

Having a ginger turmeric shot in the morning doesn’t just make it easier to incorporate into your daily routine, but it will also get you ready for the day without the need for caffeine. It will even keep you energized for longer than a cup of coffee. Plus you’ll get a great dose of vitamin C!

You’ll go nuts for Little West’s Gingersnap juice!


Full of ginger goodness, this cold-pressed juice is an utter delight. The combination of sweet apple and spicy ginger makes for a wonderfully balanced drink that will pump you full of energy. It is also a great mixer for cocktails!

You can also check out our Sunrise juice!

sunrise juice

Energizing, sweet and delicious, this is a cold-pressed juice that is perfect for brunch. Also bursting with vitamins and minerals, it’s a wonderfully refreshing and crisp juice. Naturally sweet, hydrating, and teeming with goodness, this is a juice that the whole family will enjoy. 

To Sum Things Up

It seems that all those health nuts have a point! Ginger turmeric shots are insanely good. Aside from providing an incredible flavour experience that will have your tastebuds dancing, these shots could also give you all sorts of benefits with absolutely minimal effort.

With ginger turmeric shots, you’ll be starting your day off so right, you won’t even miss your coffee. Energize yourself while getting a whole bunch of nutrients into your system; what on this green earth could be better?

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