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Unveiling the Health Benefits of Carrot Orange Ginger Juice

Health Benefits of Carrot Orange Ginger Juice

Carrot orange ginger juice… Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Well, it kinda is. Individually, these components are simply delicious and pack a lot of natural nutrition. But together, my oh my! What a delicious combination! We’d like to give the inventor of this blend a firm handshake because this juice combo is really just top-notch. 

Oh and speaking of individual ingredients, we think that’s the best way to unveil carrot orange ginger juice benefits – to talk about them one by one! Below, we’ll explain the specific benefits for each ingredient. 


orange juice

Bright and citrusy, oranges or orange juices are a great way to start the morning. Even for lunch or supper, a side of fruit can cap off a hearty meal.

So, health-wise, what are the benefits of oranges? Most notably, they pack a whole lot of vitamin C. It’s an antioxidant that helps boost your immunity. This is helpful for the winter or flu season since colds and sniffles will certainly be more likely during that time. 

On top of keeping you in good overall health, vitamin C may also play a role in cancer prevention. It can also help minimise the risk of cardiovascular disease. Lastly, it may also keep age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataracts at bay. 

If you’re drinking a carrot orange and ginger juice blend, chances are that the sweetness you’re getting is coming from oranges. They contain roughly 12 grams of natural fruit sugars. So don’t feel bad about drinking this kind of sweet! 

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carrot juice

From one orange thing to the next! Carrot juice is also said to be very beneficial in the morning. That’s because of their soluble fibre content. It’s this that helps the body excrete waste. As you can tell, morning is often the best and ideal time to do that.

We can’t talk about carrots without mentioning eyesight. Carrots' main nutrient is aptly named beta-carotene (this is what gives carrots their distinctively orange colour). This antioxidant is what the body converts to vitamin A - which is key to maintaining good eyesight!

Carrot juice has a mild, earthy taste. Sometimes, it may be a little bit bitter. That can change especially when your juices are made with fresh produce (it always is). That’s why the addition of orange ginger juice is important. That makes it taste more appealing. If more folks drink this blend, the more they can enjoy its healthy goodness.

Given the benefits that carrots have, even Bugs Bunny himself won’t feel the need to go out and say, “What’s up, doc?”


ginger juice

Small in stature but big in benefits, ginger has long been used as a home remedy and ingredient in traditional medicine. Its spicy-sweet aroma can help with relieving cold or sore throat symptoms. If you’re feeling nauseous or a bit dizzy, a shot of ginger juice (even ginger lozenges) can be beneficial. 

Nutrition-wise, raw ginger can provide you with potassium, fibre, a little bit of vitamin C and B6, and magnesium. If cooking with raw ginger is too difficult to manage (no one has time to peel some daily!), ginger can come in powder form or even dried. Ginger tea is also popular but, if you’re like us, you’d prefer to drink it as a juice. 

For most, straight-up ginger juice may be tough to even enjoy. It’s strong and punchy. Some can even call it spicy. So, most likely, you can get a ginger juice shot. It’s convenient and goes down easier!

That said, ginger is best enjoyed with other ingredients like oranges and carrots. A blend of it all will tone down the overpowering flavours of ginger.

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The Mystery of Carrot Orange Ginger Juice Benefits… Uncapped!

Here at Little West, juice blends make our world go round! Juices are a convenient and tasty way to get vitamins and nutrients you would otherwise miss when you go about your regular diet. 

Think about it. Instead of pairing your meal with that iced tea or soda, pair it with a delicious glass of carrot orange ginger juice. It’s obviously a healthier choice. And during a really hot day? A Cold-pressed juice can be even more refreshing and hydrating!

Enjoy the greatness of delicious juices by ordering some online and having them delivered straight to your doorstep! 

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