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9 Cold Fighting Juices To Drink When Sick

Cold Fighting Juices To Drink When Sick

Nobody likes getting the sniffles, let alone getting sick. Taking a day off to nurse that cold or flu might take days off your potential vacation days, too! So, let’s nip that cold in the bud with some healthy, cold pressed juice.

When you’re sick, one of the best home remedies is just to stay hydrated. Hydration is especially important when you’ve got a cold! But it’s not just how much you drink, it’s what you drink. Loading up on sugary sodas or energy drinks won’t help your immune system. Instead, drink plenty of water and choose healthy, natural beverages that offer nutrition as well as hydration. 

Here Are Some of Our Favourites:

Coconut Juice / Coconut Water

coconut juice

Coconut juice is first on our list for being a tropical, thirst-quenching drink. If you didn’t know, our bodies tend to dehydrate when we’re sick. That’s why doctors and even your parents tell you, at a very young age, to drink a lot of fluids.

Coconut juice and coconut water are one and the same. People often call it nature’s sports drink because of its electrolyte content and ability to rehydrate the body after workouts. It does contain potassium and a little bit of sodium – sodium is essential for hydrating the blood before potassium can come in and give the right amount of water that cells need.

Celery Juice

celery juice

Celery juice is another better-than-water option on the list. We’re not hating on water, of course, but sometimes plain water gets a little dull. Celery is a great alternative because it’s approximately 95% water, yet still provides crisp, refreshing flavour as well as some fiber, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Plus, it’s low in sugar, so it’s one of the best juices to drink when sick!

The antioxidant-rich celery Juice is also said to have antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties and has the ability to kill off pathogens (that includes flu viruses). So apart from it being good to drink when sick, would we say that it’s also one of the best juices for immune system support? Signs point to yes!

Watermelon Juice

watermelon juice

We’re still on our hydration train and the next stop on our list is none other than watermelon juice! Like celery, watermelons have high water content. In this case, watermelons are about 90% water! Watermelons have potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium.

When you’re sick, that already means that your immune system is already weak. Watermelons have lycopene, an antioxidant that may help prevent illnesses and infections. We wouldn’t want you to get sicker! It makes sense to have a good glass of watermelon juice when you’re feeling under the weather now, doesn’t it? 

Orange Juice

orange juice

Orange juice is basically synonymous with vitamin C at this point. So, while we love this citrusy drink for being refreshing and wonderfully tasty, we’re taking this time to put the spotlight on vitamin C.

As for what's the best juice to drink when you're sick, OJ is great. Some studies have hinted that it may not have a huge impact on preventing actual colds. But it could shorten the time that you’re sick which, in our book, is a great benefit. They say that it may shorten the time you’re sick by about 10%!

Beet Juice

beet juice

Another one of the best juices to drink when sick is beet juice. One potential cause of colds is actually psychological stress, which can lower your immune system. Thankfully, one particular study indicates that drinking beet juice when you’re stressed out may help prevent cold symptoms. You might even say that it can help you beet (we’re sorry) those symptoms!

Beets also contain magnesium, potassium, a little Vitamin C, and (surprisingly) a bit of protein. So, yes, it’s another hydrating juice full of lovely nutrients.

Apple Juice

apple juice

Apple juice may be one of the best juice for sore throats. While there are no substantial studies to support that apple juice can stop a sore throat dead in its tracks, apple juice may be a great drink that won’t irritate your throat. Oftentimes, it’s the food and drink we consume that actually worsens symptoms instead of helping.

Also, let’s not forget that the most important thing is hydration! Apple juice is about 86% water. Apple juice has vitamins, antioxidants, and fibre. The latter can actually help you feel full, which is certainly what you need to hold off on snacking unnecessarily while sick.

Lemon Ginger Juice

lemon ginger juice

Another juice you may want to consider when you’ve got a sore throat is lemon ginger juice. Ginger is the main ingredient in action here and it’s said that it can help you relieve any irritating symptoms. Pair that with the vitamin C-rich lemon and you’ve got yourself maybe the best juice for your immune system! Let’s not forget about all the good that vitamin C can do for you.

You may not feel like drinking ginger juices for their strong, somewhat punchy taste. But, if you find the right blend, it could taste so good! If you’re getting a blend, it may be even better because you get added vitamins and minerals that come from other ingredients.

Green Juice

ginger juice

During cold and flu season, you need to do everything you can to boost your immune system, or at least avoid making it weaker. And a lack of veggies in your diet could lead to some more awful situations. You may be putting yourself at risk of getting sicker because of a lack of fruit and vegetables. 

You actually need a good fruit and veggie intake to help prevent chronic illnesses. And, based on the studies by the CDC, many adults are not getting their recommended daily intake of healthy produce. You can offset that by drinking a green juice!

While colds and sore throats are more short term and we’ve been discussing them more, you need a healthy diet so that your immune system can stay strong and fight against potential diseases all year-round. 

Pineapple Juice

pineapple juice

If you’re not a fan of citrus, a great alternative is actually pineapple juice. In fact, pineapples are pretty much close to oranges when it comes to vitamin C content.

You get 47.8mg of vitamin C for every 100-gram serving of pineapples. Oranges, on the other hand, have 53.2 mg. Plus, think of pineapple juice as a palate cleanser for all the other juices you may have gotten tired of drinking… It’s way more flavourful than water, that’s for sure!

Kick the Sick Feelings

A bottle of juice a day can help kick the sick feelings away! If we’ve sold you on these other-than-water forms of getting hydrated and healthy, then why not check the juices we have at Little West?

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