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Can You Drink Coffee Or Tea During A Juice Cleanse?

Can You Drink Coffee Or Tea During A Juice Cleanse?

So, can you have coffee on a juice cleanse? The answer, in short, is no.

Let’s break it down for you. Why can’t you have coffee on a juice cleanse? Surely it’s just like any other beverage? Fact is, the best juice cleanse regimens skip caffeine.

Caffeine is what makes drinking coffee on a juice cleanse a no-go. It also means that you need to watch out for other drinks and food that contain caffeine, like tea! As we said, we’ll talk all about that here. But, first things first…

What Is A Juice Cleanse?

what is juice cleanse

A juice cleanse, or a juice fast, is a type of diet. This diet is done by drinking only fruit and vegetable juices for a set period of time, ranging from a couple of days to a week… sometimes even longer!

A juice cleanse is often done when people feel the need to detox their body from bad or unwanted chemicals. While some consider this a fad diet, many swear by the effectiveness of the juice cleanse. In fact, some people have attributed weight loss to juice cleanses. So, yes, one can also call juice fasting a form of alternative medicine.

What To Drink On A Juice Cleanse?

what to drink on juice cleanse

The juice cleanse is pretty self-explanatory. It only requires drinking fruit and vegetable juices. But, do be mindful of what kind! Regular fruit or veggie juices you’ll find in most supermarkets are probably ones to skip. They most likely contain preservatives and high amounts of sugar.

What you need on a juice cleanse is pure fruit and vegetable juices. Cold-pressed and fresh is a great place to start - actually, it’s probably best you stay there for the entirety of a juice cleanse. Remember, you can’t have coffee on a juice cleanse!

Tea and Coffee On A Juice Cleanse

Tea and Coffee on a Juice Cleanse

Drinking tea and coffee on a juice cleanse is a big nono. Earlier, we mentioned that it’s because of the caffeine. That’s because caffeine disrupts the would-be-good effects of going on a cleanse, and why would you want to do that?

First up, tea and coffee on a juice cleanse could disrupt your sleep. By sleeping, our body is able to heal naturally. And that healing process that’s being helped along by a juice fast might get messed up when you suddenly get a jolt of caffeine.

Other Effects of Coffee on a Juice Cleanse

Coffee actually dehydrates you! A juice cleanse is an all-liquid diet. So you can expect to be refreshed and hydrated…and possibly even a bit bloated from all that water weight. 

So, while you do still need water, you wouldn’t want to add to that by having to deal with glugging an EXTRA glass of water here and there because you’re dehydrated for some reason (spolier alert: that reason is coffee).

How Can I Manage Without Tea and Coffee on a Juice Cleanse?

We mentioned food earlier in the blog and you might have wondered how food suddenly made its way into our juice cleanse topic! Coffee, soda, energy drinks, and other caffeinated foods like chocolate could be gradually lessened to help you on your cleanse. Don’t just quit cold turkey!

Next time you think: can you have coffee on a juice cleanse, remember this! Give yourself time to adjust. Going on a diet may have different effects on people. Take it at your own pace. If you feel tired, take a breather. If you’re sleepy, power nap! Listen to what your body tells you during this cleansing process.

Coffee and Tea Alternatives

Gingersnap juice

One thing to remember is that there are actually other means to stay awake on a juice cleanse. Apple juice is a great coffee alternative for a cleanse because it has about 13 grams of sugar (all-natural, by the way) to help you power through the day! 

Little West’s Gingersnap juice has apples blended right into it so you can get that all-natural boost that you need!

Another fruit known for keeping you energized is the humble orange. Oranges help the body fight off fatigue thanks to the antioxidants and vitamin C in them. Like apples, they also contain all-natural sugars (about 12 grams for a medium orange) that can give you that extra push. So, if you want that extra dose of vitamin c, why not grab a bottle of Sunrise juice?

So, again, can you have coffee on a juice cleanse? Nope! But you don’t have to feel hesitant about going on one because there are other options out there and precautions you can take before you start.

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