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9 Best Juices For Weight Loss You Should Try In 2022

9 Best Juices For Weight Loss You Should Try In 2022

We’re strong believers that all-natural anything is always better. Sports drinks and other health drinks are scientifically formulated to give you what fruits and vegetables naturally could. So, why complicate your drinks? Juices are there at the ready, waiting for you!

Juices made with fruit and vegetables are healthy drinks, no doubt about that - especially when you find ones that contain the actual fruit and veggies themselves. By that, we mean no artificial stuff! You’d be surprised how often fruit juices contain just fruit flavors and not the real thing.

So, if you’re looking for some recommendations for your weight loss juice cleanse, you’ve come to the right place. Here's our roundup of the best juice for weight loss

1. The Gold'n Greens Juice

The Gold'n Greens Juice

This list of the best weight loss juice cleanses wouldn't be complete without the green juice we’re all familiar with. But this time, it’s a little bit different! Sure, it’s got kale, it’s got cucumbers, it’s got mint… But it’s also got apples, pineapple, turmeric, limes, and even lemons!

What are we talking about? Why it’s Little West’s Gold'n Greens Juice! What does the best juice for weight loss need? Digestive aid! That’s where key ingredients like pineapple and turmeric come in!

Litte West’s Gold'n Greens Juice is made with fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs so that your weight loss juice cleanse won’t seem so bland. It can actually be something to look forward to!

2. The Other Green Juice for Weight Loss

Celery Juice

When you think of green juice, you may be thinking of a blend that consists of cucumbers, kale, and mint. You’d normally be right, but now we’re talking about Celery Juice! Drinking celery juice is a new addition to your weight loss regime.

Celery juice is usually drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Celery Juice, particularly this one from Little West, is just 25 calories a serving! That’s one great thing to keep in mind if you’re watching your caloric intake.

Drinking celery juice will also make you feel full. If you’re starting your mornings with this, you’ll find there's no need for your morning brew - in other words - less sugar and no caffeine crash!

3. The Other Other Green Juice for Weight Loss

The Clover

A great weight loss regime is one that consists of a proper diet and regular exercise. And those two are hard to maintain consistently! That’s why juices like Little West’s The Clover exist.

Little West’s The Clover blends fruits and vegetables with energy-boosting and immunity-boosting properties. It helps you stay hydrated, too. With The Clover, you can enjoy something that’s healthy AND helps you with your workouts!

What’s in The Clover, you ask? Celery, cucumber, spinach, kale - all healthy greens! Don’t forget the pear, cilantro, lime, and mint, too!

4. The Quench Juice

Quench Juice

Most often, cravings are the culprit for diet breaking. All that hard work down the drain! Many of us cut sweet treats from our diets so quickly that we start to think about them more often. Well, there are ways around that. Grab a sweet weight loss juice to help you to stick to your healthy diet while satisfying your cravings!

For this, we recommend The Quench Juice from Little West. It’s a sweet and vibrant blend that consists of watermelon, strawberries, and lime! It’s so tasty and refreshing, it’ll make you forget about those cravings. It’s also got electrolytes to help you stay hydrated!

5. The Beet Juice

Go Big Juice

If you’ve asked your friends or workout buddies what they thought the best juice for weight loss was, they may have mentioned Beet Juice. Similar to celery juice, beet juice can make you feel full. It’s also a low-calorie beverage! Little West’s Beet Juice named Go Big Juice contains just 110 calories a serving.

You may be wondering why it’s 110 calories compared to the earlier Celery Juice that’s only 25 calories. A bottle of Go Big juice, believe it or not, has about 2-4 pounds of beet and kale! Little West’s Go Big Juice is appropriately named, we think!

6. Juice for the Gut

Little West’s Gingersnap

Another juice that helps things move along is Little West’s Gingersnap. You can support a great diet with a juice that helps digestion. This gut-loving juice contains ginger and lemon, a pair that is well-known for its digestive properties.

Taste is also something to be considered! The Gingersnap Juice is made with two different apples, the Fuji and the green apple. Not only do they give this juice a delicious flavor, but they also help with digestion, bloating, and an upset stomach!

7. A Booster Shot

Fireball Juice

Sometimes, a change in diet or routine can make us a little weaker, which in some cases can cause us to become unwell. Nobody wants that! Think of Little West’s Fireball as immune system fuel. Keep a bottle in your refrigerator and get a juice shot when you need it. A bottle can give you 6 shots!

A weight loss juice cleanse won’t do you any good if you’re feeling under the weather all the time. You need energy! On top of ginger and lemon, this bottle also contains cayenne and turmeric.

8. Not Your Typical Orange Juice

Sunrise Juice

What’s orange and has orange? Little West’s Sunrise Juice! It’s got your much-needed Vitamin C and Vitamin A thanks to the carrots and oranges. Carrot juice is another favorite for the weight-loss community. Vitamin A is often associated with better eyesight. Not much is said about its weight-loss benefits - but it actually helps!

How does Vitamin A help? It’s great for maintaining overall health. Like we said, staying in tip-top shape and having energy is key to a great workout. 

9. Weight Loss Juice Cleanser

Detox Greens

The last on the list is Little West’s Detox Greens. What does it aim to do? Help you during and after your workout! It boosts your energy and hydrates you while you’re in the gym. After that, it can help with cleansing your body and supporting your immune system.

That’s because this Detox Greens Juice is made with coconut water, cucumber, celery, kale, fennel, parsley, and spirulina. That’s a lot! And you need a lot to keep your body fit. That’s what it takes to be one of the best juice for weight loss.

The Jist of the Juice

We hope this page has been helpful! There are a lot of drinks that can help you with your weight loss juice cleanse journey. All you have to do is pick one or a few that suit your needs. There isn’t simply just one best juice for weight loss. You need to mix it up to get the best results.

If you’re looking for more juices, then click here to discover what other juices we have to offer. Believe us, it’s worth it!

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