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5 Healthy Breakfast Juices To Kickstart Your Day

healthy breakfast juice ideas

A juice boost isn’t just a pair of rhyming words. It actually makes sense if you think about it. Juices, particularly those made with fresh fruits and veg, are full of vitamins and minerals. A healthy juice to drink in the morning really sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?

And we’re not saying that a morning juice will 100% replace your coffee. You can have both if you want. But you might be wondering which one to choose.

You’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up 5 juices that you can try drinking in the morning. 

A Classic Orange Juice

orange juice

Orange juice is a classic breakfast juice, there’s no doubt about that! There’s a reason why it’s served at almost every hotel breakfast buffet, diner, and household table. 

Orange juice is the key to vitamin C and vitamin C is key to immunity! Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can help keep your body’s tissue repair function in good shape. Active and rambunctious kids would also benefit from drinking natural orange juice in the morning and we think this little factoid would convince you of that…

Fun fact: sailors and pirates in the old days often got scurvy during their voyages. Scurvy would cause their wounds to heal inefficiently and give them symptoms such as bleeding gums and bruising. If they only knew that scurvy was due to a vitamin C deficiency, they would have bought oranges aboard the ship!

You can get OJ in its purest form and we think that’s great! But the one we have might be a tastier pick! Little West’s Sunrise is a blend of orange, carrot, ginger, and coconut water. It’s packed with flavour and all of the essential nutrients.

Apple Juice In The Morning

Apple Juice

The second breakfast juice we’d recommend is apple juice! 

Drinking apple juice in the morning may provide some heart-healthy benefits. It’s a healthy juice to drink if you want to potentially lessen the risks of stroke and other types of heart disease. If you’d also like to keep your mind sharp as you age, apple juice may provide some help, too. 

When drinking apple juice, you’re best off getting an unsweetened version. An average carton of unsweetened apple juice already contains about 25 grams of sugar. Oh, and if you’re packing some for the kids, one that’s free from artificial flavours, preservatives, and colours is better.

A juice that's unsweetened and free from artificial sweeteners, preservatives, concentrates, and additives may seem like a tall order. But don’t fret, Little West’s Gingersnap is here! 

Refreshing Coconut Juice

coconut juice

Coconut juice, or coconut water, is a low-sugar, low-calorie drink that tastes great! Also, it’s quite an effective replacement for sports drinks since it contains electrolytes like potassium, sodium, and manganese.

We won’t judge. If you’re hungover, coconut water as a breakfast juice may be beneficial. Coconut water is a naturally hydrating beverage. Since alcohol leaves you severely dehydrated, a healthy juice to drink in the morning is coconut water instead of coffee.

When getting coconut water, don’t be fooled by labels. Avoid ones that are packed with sugar or that are from concentrate. Sugar makes coconut water more appealing to some folks, but there’s a better way around that: our Sunrise juice!

The Tropical Favourite: Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice

When it comes to vitamin C content, pineapple juice may be the next best thing to have after orange juice! 

Pineapples also contain healthy amounts of vitamin B6, manganese, and copper. These nutrients may help lessen the risk of cancer and keep your body up and running well.

Fun fact: drinking pineapple juice in the morning is actually common around certain parts of the globe. In the Philippines, pineapple juice is often served in fast food restaurants alongside breakfast items. Sweet and savoury just works!

Green Juice

The Clover Juice

Sometimes, the best breakfast juice is all of them at once. You’re not just relying on one fruit or vegetable to give you the nutrients you need, you’re using all of them!

Little West’s The Clover is a great example. It’s made with kale, celery, spinach, cucumber, pear, cilantro, mint, and lime. This medley of ingredients also means that this breakfast juice contains vitamin C, folate, iron, and vitamin K!

We know dark, leafy greens aren’t always the most enjoyable to eat. But with a green juice as your breakfast juice, you’re getting your fair serving out of the way in the morning! 

Just the Juice

Whether you’re just looking for flavour or looking a nutrition boost, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect breakfast juice for you here at Little West!

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