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7 Amazing Benefits Of Apple Lemon Ginger Juice

Benefits Of Apple Lemon Ginger Juice

Apple lemon ginger juice… Why do its flavours work so well? Apple gives this juice the sweetness, lemon adds some tartness, and ginger rounds it up with a spicy punch. This cold pressed juice blend is the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and refreshing.

Although we now know that fruits and vegetables (ginger is considered a root vegetable) add layers to the flavour of this juice, they can contribute a variety of other benefits, too. That’s what we’re all about here today. We’ll explain what these benefits are and share all the reasons why apple lemon ginger juice can be good for you!

It’s Hydrating

apple lemon ginger juice

First things first… apple lemon ginger juice is (surprise surprise) a juice! That means it’s a beverage that can be very helpful in keeping you hydrated.

Although every recipe varies, apples always make up the majority of this juice blend and they are about 85% water which means they’re ultra hydrating. For those of us that struggle with staying hydrated throughout the day, drinking apple lemon ginger juice may be easier than drinking plain water. 

It’s Detoxifying

Detoxifying apple juice

Apple lemon ginger juice can also be part of a good cleanse if you need it. When talking about cleanses, you’ll often hear ginger mentioned as a key ingredient in a lot of detox juices. That’s because ginger may help in removing unwanted chemicals from your body. It supports the body’s natural ability to remove toxins, and may even help with metabolism.

A lot of ginger’s detoxifying properties will also contribute to it being a good digestive aid. With that said…

It’s Good at Stimulating Digestion

Good at Stimulating Digestion

If you have an upset stomach, we recommend juice with a lot of ginger in it. Gingerol, a key component in ginger, is known for helping improve gastrointestinal motility (aka movement through the digestive tract). In other words, it helps move food through your gut. This can help alleviate constipation, bloating, indigestion, and other digestive issues.

Since raw ginger juice can be too strong and spicy for some, apple-lemon ginger juice is a gentle alternative that everyone can enjoy.

It’s Giving Natural Energy

One delicious apple lemon ginger juice benefit is that it can give you a bit of natural energy! Another thing apples are filled with, apart from water, is natural sugars. If you’ve spent a little time browsing the web, you may have come across those lists of fun facts that say that apples contain caffeine. Let’s bust that myth!

Apples, in fact, DO NOT contain caffeine. What gives people the extra boost of energy when eating or drinking apples is that au natural fruit sugar. 

It’s Filled with Antioxidants

apple juice Filled with Antioxidants

We’ve given a lot of love to ginger so far, so let’s get into apple and lemon benefits! The pair is actually a wonderful source of antioxidants. 

Antioxidants are essential in protecting cells from free radicals. Those free radicals not only damage cells, but they can also cause aging and illnesses. Seems like a good time to get that apple lemon ginger juice right now, don’t you think?

It Can Provide An Immune Boost

Another good apple and lemon benefit is that both are sources of vitamin C! While they don’t compare to the almighty kakadu plum (which is the richest source of vitamin C, not oranges -- neat fact, huh?), every little bit helps with giving your immune system that extra boost.

Vitamin C can be helpful in battling infections as well. So getting some through drinking apple lemon ginger juice could strengthen your system and build your overall health. 

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It’s Good for Weight Loss

good for weight loss

One unlikely benefit of drinking apple lemon ginger juice is that it could help you manage your weight loss. If you’re a regular soda drinker or love high-calorie beverages like frappucinos, try replacing your afternoon soft drink treat with a glass of juice! Drinking more liquids like juice can also help you feel satisfied and curb cravings for sugar.

The ingredients in this juice blend are also a source of fiber, which helps you feel fuller. Although lemons and ginger only have small amounts of fiber, raw apples are full of it.

Fiber is said to help you stay full for longer. That will 100% help you fight unnecessary munching throughout the day! Fiber also helps with your digestion, speeding up the time your food needs to pass through your system.

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Apple Lemon Ginger Juice? Amazing

apple lemon ginger juice

If the taste of apple lemon ginger juice wasn’t enough to make you want to drink it, maybe its benefits will! We’ve already given seven good reasons why it’s an awesome drink, and we can actually go on! It’s THAT good!

All these benefits can be achieved naturally. Natural ingredients make the best juices, just like those you’ll find here at Little West! Just think – you get about 2 to 4 pounds of fruits and vegetables in EVERY bottle. Now that’s amazing.

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